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Search for a Cohost

Steven Richard K hosts the podcast where it is the never ending search for the cohost of the podcast.

Oct 20, 2015

Jon Costanza from Vitamin Snake joins me on the show today. We talk about being born in a dumpster and his five balls. We get a thing from Matt Sovie that he likes live from the phone. Also, where's Paxton? Trigger warning? Is that what people say? Grown men under a blanket is funny. Find out how the Vitamin Snake sketch "Life in Prison" came to be. If you missed Vitamin Snake at Best of Boston Sketch, sorry, but you can see Mister Bismuth at Best of Boston Sketch 10/16 at Improv Boston. ALSO Saturday October 24th at the Riot Theater in Jamaica Plain is a Video Game themed show with Vitamin Snake and I'll do a story telling set (and friends of the show Accidental Awkwardness and more) will be there. Follow @vitaminsnake and @thejonny_C on twitter. In January check out Vitamin Snake at IB.